Buying guide – Shipping policy

1. Instructions for ordering by phone

To order by phone, please follow these steps:

– Look up the information and product codes you need via Website

– Call customer care/purchase number: 0378078356 and provide the following information:

  • Product name or product code, quantity requested.
  • Delivery address: Home, company,…
  • Recipient name, contact phone number.
  • Payment methods.

2. Order directly on the website:

In the product details section. You choose the quantity you want to buy. Click the “Add to cart” button. The website will redirect you to order details and payment information. Please continue to follow the instructions to complete your order.

  • Please fill out all information on the Payment Information form and enter the discount code (if any).
  • Please click to select the most suitable payment method.
  • Click the “Place Order” Button to complete.
  • After order confirmation. The customer service department will call to confirm the order for the customer.

3. Shipping policy:

Free shipping nationwide. Applies to all orders.

Delivery time nationwide will receive goods after 3-5 days, maximum 7 working days from the time of ordering

After payment is completed, you need to notify us about the money transfer.

We will immediately deliver the goods to you.

Delivery time:

  • Express delivery: within 24 hours – 48 hours
  • Delivery is usually within 4 – 7 days (depending on the distance from us to the delivery location).

In special cases, please contact our hotline: 0378078356

Note: During peak times (holidays, New Year), or depending on some objective conditions (such as natural disasters, vehicle breakdown, etc.), we cannot deliver immediately so we will negotiate a time. Specific delivery to customers.

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