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Top những tựa game online trên máy tính hay nhất

Nowadays, there are countless games available on computers and phones, but they often come with limitations such as similar content, boring and uninteresting gameplay, etc. Do you really have to try each game one by one to find your favorite? That would be too time-consuming. Therefore, this article will provide suggestions for the best games in the world that you should try.

League Of Legends

This game is probably no stranger to gamers. League of Legends has consistently held the top spot as the best game in the world for a long time. Countless events, big and small, have been organized. For example, the League of Legends World Championship, concerts to launch new skins, and more. All of these make fans feel excited.

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League Of Legends is the most playing game in the World

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PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Although it hasn’t been released for very long, PUBG has established a strong foothold in the gaming market. The survival game format, where you must eliminate all opponents to become the last survivor, has attracted a large number of players. The gameplay creates a captivating, thrilling, and intense experience, providing realistic and lively sensations. An extremely special feature is that PUBG is free of charge. As a result, the number of players downloading the game is very high and continues to increase steadily.

Game PUBG một tựa game online đáng để bạn trải nghiệm thử

PUBG – The best Survival game

Free Fire

The gameplay of Free Fire is similar to PUBG, and it also brings players a sense of suspense and breathlessness. Although Free Fire is often criticized for encouraging players to spend money to upgrade their weapons, the number of players has not decreased but rather continues to grow, potentially surpassing PUBG.

interface Hack game free fire

game Free Fire

Among Us

Among Us is also a role-playing game, but unlike the previously mentioned games. The interface of Among Us is extremely simple yet equally captivating. When logging into the game, players are randomly assigned roles as either impostors (or killers), while the remaining players must both flee and complete tasks to identify the impostors.

among us mod

Who would you want to become in among us?

Candy Crush Saga

If you can’t handle the excitement and suspense of role-playing games, you might want to try Candy Crush Saga. This game can be considered a national favorite. Most people’s computers or phones have had or still have this game installed. Players must arrange candies to clear as many as possible to score higher points. Additionally, players must overcome obstacles and complete the level’s tasks to progress to the next stage.

Candy Crush Saga has updated thousands of new levels, allowing players to continue challenging themselves with new obstacles, showing no signs of stopping.

FIFA Online 4

For football enthusiasts, downloading this game is a must. In the game, you can train and compete with players ranging from amateurs to professionals. The graphics and sound quality of FIFA are always meticulously developed, making players feel immersed in the matches. You will never feel bored as the game is constantly updated with new features.

Dota 2

With its complex gameplay, Dota 2 requires players to thoroughly research strategies and playing skills. The game also involves the combination of five characters, each with unique strengths and advantages. Therefore, teamwork and seamless coordination are essential to defeat opponents.
dota 2

The above are suggestions for the best games in the world, guaranteed to captivate you from the very first play due to their meticulous attention to graphics, sound, and the variety of challenges. However, you should avoid playing for extended periods as it can negatively affect your eyes and body.

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